Silicon Valley dominates tech headlines but Europe has quietly chalked up success stories. In 2018, Europe's exits totaled $107B - just shy of the US' $136B.

My name is Anita Moorthy. After graduating from MIT, I worked in five successful startups on three continents, including two in Europe. Europe has many special considerations when it comes to scaling so I thought European entrepreneurs would benefit from a forum where they can learn from each other and inspire the next generation of European unicorns.

Every week I will interview startups based in different parts of Europe to find insights beneficial to other entrepreneurs. What were counter-intuitive strategies they found to be successful? Which growth channels worked best and at what stage of the company? What mistakes did they make and what advice would they give to other startups in Europe?

Feel free to ping me with topics you would like to focus on, people you’d love to see interviewed, and of course with suggestions to be more useful to you. And if you like the podcast please leave a review and tell your colleagues!

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