The European Startup Show

The European Startup Show

To inspire technology entrepreneurs in Europe with stories and practical strategies from other successful entrepreneurs.

If you are a CEO, founder, or work in sales or marketing, and your company is based in Europe or is looking to expand into Europe, then this podcast is for you.

Recent Episodes

Building a Unicorn in Crisis with Hristo Borisov, Cofounder of Payhawk

March 22, 2023

[2:00] - How the SVB crisis unfolded at Payhawk [6:23] - The 3 most important ingredients for building a successful unicorn [16:19] - Validating your company idea [18:19] - 60 rejections. How Payhawk overcame the biggest obj…

Why Investing in Emerging Markets Makes Sense Now - Alisee de Tonnac, co-founder of Seedstars

March 2, 2023

[2:24] - Journey to starting Seedstars [5:31] - Investing and not being local [10:27] - Seedstars programs [13:28] - Investor returns from emerging markets [19:06] - Challenges [25:12] - Advice for entrepreneurs [27:16] - Ad…

When *Not* To Go for VC Funding with Alex Axentiev, Co-Founder of HedgeFlows

Jan. 25, 2023

HedgeFlows almost closed on their first VC funding and decided to not do it. Why and was it the right decision?

Is It Finally Solar’s Time? Svea Solar’s Hyper Growth Story Proves It Is

Jan. 13, 2023

Erik Martinson, CEO, and co-founder of Svea Solar – one of the fastest-growing cleantech companies in Europe – talks about the economics of solar energy, why the time is ripe for solar and some of the lessons learned buildin…

How to Fundraise the Creandum Way with Peter Specht

Dec. 7, 2022

The 3 steps Creandum advises its portfolio company to go through for every fundraising: planning, preparation and active process. And advice for startups on current market conditions and Peter’s views on FTX blowup.

Bootstrapped to $14M Seed Round with Nurasyl Serik, Co-founder of Remofirst

Nov. 24, 2022

Nurasyl bootstrapped the company to 7-digit revenues with five employees and then went on to close a $14M seed round, one of the largest in the UK. How did he do it?

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Tips for First-time Venture Fundraising - from Experienced European Entrepreneurs and VCs

You have a brilliant idea, some early traction, and are now considering venture funding. How should you go about this and what do the most successful entrepreneurs in Europe do? As the host of The European Startup Show, I’ve interviewed dozen…

3 steps to validating your idea before building your product

You are thinking of starting a company and have lots of great ideas for your business.  But how can you test these ideas quickly and cost-efficiently before sinking a lot of time and effort into them? Depending on the idea, it may be as simple…