Love this show!

Love hearing the founder stories Anita features on her podcast and especially love how she gives newer startups a voice to share their (equally as) inspirational and powerful stories!


This is a great source of information on venture capital and the startup sector in Europe. Something totally new each week!

Great listen!

I am passionate about the fintech industry, and this podcast allows me to dive deeper into challenges the industry is experiencing. I am really enjoying the show and the variety of guests.

Best Podcast !!!

Just wanted to say thank you for the podcast! I have now almost listened to every episode, and Anita continues to give me insight into different industries. I am learning something new every time which I think has really helped me grow! Cheers!

Great content!

I thoroughly enjoyed the episode with Michelle Milbourn. I am currently looking for a position within a company, and she has offered some great tips within the recruitment process. Thanks Michelle!

Very Informative

I chanced upon this podcast recently and have really enjoyed the episodes I have heard so far. I like the longer format - it allows an in-depth exploration of the subject matter.

Great content!

My new favorite podcast! This show features some really cool founders and entrepreneurs, focused on Europe which is very interesting. The hosts questions are engaging, and really make it fun to listen to! Love it!

Love the focus on European startups

Most startup advice seems tailored for the US so it’s nice to hear this podcast focus on insights and tips specific to Europe to help you succeed. Excellent interviews with founders. Anita asks great questions too.


It’s refreshing to hear about new startups from the Old World.

It’s great to hear the European side of things

...from out here in San Francisco. Keep the string of interesting interviews coming!


Great podcast that really gets into the nitty gritty of the European start up scene. Very insightful and full of candid exchanges. Love that it’s a woman host too! Looking forward to hearing more:)


Wow- this is so motivational for all business during this time . Thank you for sharing the stories we can all relate too.