All great marketing starts with great product marketing.


What is product marketing?

Product marketing, done right, is the voice of your customer. 

Product marketers do two things:

  1. Positioning the product in the customer’s mind relative to what they already know and think about the space you are in.
  2. Communicating the value of your products and services in a way that resonates with their problems and current way of thinking (also called messaging in marketing speak).

If you get this right, the rest of marketing delivers results. If you get this wrong, no amount of marketing dollars will deliver bottom-line results.  Figuring out product marketing is a blend of intuition, deep understanding of customers and the marketplace, and continuous testing. There are seldom any shortcuts.

I bring 20 years of experience having worked as a marketing leader for various B2B companies in the US, India, and Europe.  I also provide consulting services to various startups and accelerators helping early and growth stage teams with their marketing.

Specifically, I can help you with:

  • Positioning/Messaging
  • Product-Market fit
  • Use case validation
  • Content Marketing



"We knew our positioning needed work because when we pitched our prospects did not really get what we did.  Anita was great to work with and helped us define a clear and strong positioning that has made a significant difference in our sales motion. Her experience came in handy in not just defining what we do but also in making sure that different departments were aligned in the thought process and bought on to the mission we were on. Being outside the company, she was able to have open conversations with our customers who gave her very honest feedback. If you are looking for positioning/value proposition development or refreshing, I would highly recommend Anita"

- Mangesh Panditrao, Co-Founder and CEO of Shoptimize


Anita helped The Factual zero in on its value proposition amidst a huge array of features and possible value statements. She was clear on what was original about The Factual and how we could stand out in a crowded marketplace. This proved to be critical in helping us find product-market-fit. 

- Arjun Moorthy, Co-Founder, and CEO of The Factual