June 22, 2022

From Zero to Seed with Andre Turville, Founder of ARX Alliance

My guest today is Andre Turville, Founder -CEO of Arx Alliance. Arx Alliance is a company dedicated to addressing supply chain cyber resilience. Listen to Andre’s experience bootstrapping his company successfully to now closing their seed round.

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Dec. 1, 2021

How to Build A Low-Sales Touch Enterprise-Grade Security Company with…

My guest today is Bence Jendruszak, Cofounder of Hungarian Startup Seon Fraud Fighters, who started Seon right out of university and has very quickly built a revolutionary digital fraud prevention platform serving clients like Air France, Patreon and Lad

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June 24, 2021

Kaarel Kotkas, Founder & CEO of Veriff on Their Journey from Estonia …

My guest today is Kaarel Kotkas, Founder & CEO of Veriff. Kaarel is a 25-year-old Estonian entrepreneur, whose online identity verification start-up Veriff is set to be the next tech ‘unicorn’ or billion-dollar company coming out of Estonia. Today’s sho

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Jan. 27, 2021

Tim Sadler, Co-Founder and CEO of Tessian on: What All Great Funding …

I sat down this week with Tim Sadler, co-founder & CEO of Tessian, a venture-backed cybersecurity company that stops threats, by securing the human layer. In this episode, I get his thoughts on creating a new category and becoming a …

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Oct. 28, 2020

Jonathan Scudder, Co-Founder and VP of Identity Cloud at ForgeRock on…

My guest today is Jonathan Scudder, co-founder and VP of Identity Cloud at ForgeRock, the leading Consumer Identity and Access Management platform for consumers, employees and things. Originally founded in Norway (now headquartered in San Francisco), For

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