Dec. 7, 2022

How to Fundraise the Creandum Way with Peter Specht

The 3 steps Creandum advises its portfolio company to go through for every fundraising: planning, preparation and active process. And advice for startups on current market conditions and Peter’s views on FTX blowup.

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Nov. 9, 2022

How to be a VC at 29 years and Advice for pre-Series B Companies - An…

Sapphire ventures, Series B investing, and her journey to becoming a VC at 29. Annalise is a Partner at Sapphire Ventures where she focuses on investments primarily in Europe and Israel.

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May 25, 2022

From Operator/Angel Investor to a "proper" VC: Is It for Everyone?

Gemma Bloemen, Principal at Creandum, on why she moved from an operator role at Uber and Elder to a VC.

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April 7, 2022

SaaS Go-To-Market Playbook from Notion Capital with Itxaso del Palacio

Itxaso del Palacio, Partner at Notion Capital, shares tips on how to build a go-to-market engine for scale with examples from the 100s of successful SaaS and Cloud companies Notion Capital has backed over the years including Tradeshift, CurrencyCloud, GoC

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Feb. 9, 2022

Rob Moffat, Partner at Balderton Capital on Opportunities and Trends …

I am delighted to have Rob Moffat, Partner at Balderton Capital on the show today. Rob has been a partner at Balderton since 2015. He focuses mainly on fintech and insurtech but he also has experience in games, marketplaces, and …

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Sept. 22, 2021

Deepali Nangia, Venture Partner at SpeedInvest on How Women Can Attra…

My guest today is Deepali Nangia, Atomico Angel and a Venture Partner at Speedinvest. Deepali is an advisor to female founders and an angel investor with a keen interest in digital health, femtech, and sustainability. Most recently, Deepali was named …

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March 24, 2021

Marie Outtier, Director of Twitter and Co-Founder of Which S…

In this episode, I sat down (virtually) with Marie Outtier who is the director of product management at Twitter and prior to Twitter, co-founded Aiden, an AI-Powered marketing analytics platform that she sold to Twitter within 3 years of founding …

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Nov. 19, 2020

(VC) Krishna Visvanathan, Co-Founder and Partner at Crane Venture Par…

In this episode, I sat down with Krishna Viswanathan, co-founder and partner at Crane Venture Partners to talk in-depth about go-to-market (GTM) considerations for early-stage companies that are pre-seed or seed. What are the key GTM areas to focus on?

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Nov. 11, 2020

Cristina Fonseca, VC at Indico Capital Partners, Co-Founder of Talkde…

I was so inspired by my guest today, Cristina Fonseca. Cristina was one of the founders of Talkdesk, a cloud-based help desk software that became Portugal's third "unicorn" after raising US$100M in series B funding at a valuation of over …

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Sept. 16, 2020

(VC) Stephan Morais, Founder and Managing General Partner of Indico C…

I really enjoyed talking to Stephan. He has such an interesting and diverse background having been an investment banker, an entrepreneur, a CEO, past Chairman of European Venture Finance Network, advisor to various organizations Said Business School to n

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June 17, 2020

(VC) Ciaran O’Leary, co-founder and general partner of BlueYard Capit…

My guest today is Ciaran O’Leary, co-founder and general partner of BlueYard Capital, an early-stage VC focused on transformational technology with a big focus on fostering innovation across Europe. In this episode, Ciaran talks to me about the importance

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